Supply Chain

Our supply chain consultants combine best-practice supply chain management processes with practical application of the Theory of Constraints, Lean Six Sigma principles, and technology to create supply chains that deliver concrete results to your bottom line.

Fundamentals that we apply to all Supply Chain projects:

  1.  Supply chain is not just about efficiency; it must be reliable and deliver consistently to your customers
  2. Supply chains are built around the value proposition of the business requiring all stakeholders to be involved in the redesign process
  3. Supply chain effectiveness is about process and not necessarily about technology.  Typical technology implementations result in streamlining activities that are wrong in the first place

The real results in Supply Chain Management are derived from business processes that are specifically designed to deliver those results. Technology is important and will help you do things you can’t do today, but it cannot deliver the results you need unless you also rethink your supply chain design and processes. Integration of the entire supply chain from demand planning and purchasing through manufacturing and distribution will yield significant improvements in efficiency, productivity and, ultimately, service to customers. This integration also allows for optimization of resources and total inventory.  

Supply Chain Redesign and Integration – internal and external focus areas:

  • Supplier relationship management – selection, qualification and consolidation
  • Category management
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Warehouse design and procedures
  • Materials planning and Inventory optimization
  • Demand planning and forecasting
  • Inventory accuracy improvement
  • Benchmarking and metric establishment
  • Capacity utilization and management
  • Resource efficiency and effectiveness
  • Supply Chain Strategy

The Conlon Group project management services include Concept Development and Validation, Detailed Planning, and Implementation.

Please see our Opportunity Assessment page about obtaining your road map for improvements.