Strategic Planning Facilitation and Consulting

The vitality of an organization begins with an inspiring and rallying vision which depicts what the organization will look like in the future, a mission which states how the organization will move toward this vision in a specified period of time, and principles which serve as a solid foundation for the direction and growth of your organization. Creating an environment that is structured around the needs and expectations of your customers, making decisions based upon fact, not opinion, and using simple tools to gather and analyze information will allow all your employees to meet and exceed your customers’ expectations.

The Conlon Group’s Strategic Planning Process is straightforward and leads you to the heart of defining and executing your strategies. Our process is methodical and encompassing, as we facilitate your organization through the external environment and internal evaluations to your vision of the future and the strategies to get there.  At appropriate times, we will introduce conceptual material, as we lead you through over twenty exercises that bring to light what your direction will be and what you need to do to get there. Below is an outline of the process.

Most importantly, we will summarize your strategic plan into one document that is easy for everyone in your organization to understand and follow.