Opportunity Assessment

Opportunity Assessments last from one – five days depending on the scope of the assessment.  Current operations are compared to Operational and/or LEAN Six Sigma best practices. The assessment provides a road map for improvements from Order Entry through Shipping, including short and long-term opportunities. 

Short-term solutions typically include kaizen events with a narrow focus on process throughput, defect reduction, flow, space utilization, efficiency improvements and inventory issues. Long-term solutions range from equipment, technology, facility changes, full Lean transformations, DMAIC projects and larger supply chain issues. Our goal is to improve Critical to Quality metrics, increase productivity, reduce labor costs, improve space utilization, and improve accuracy and inventory levels as well as other operating performance metrics.

During the Assessment

  • Review available operations reports (metrics)
  • Interview staff at all levels
  • Tour facility and conduct operational observations
  • Review technology applications
  • Compare current status to best practices and benchmarks
  • Document improvement opportunities while considering:  
    • Methods/Best Practices
    • Material flow/layout
    • Technology utilization
    • Inventory practices and accuracy
    • Throughput and efficiency
    • Quality issues
    • 5S and Lean practices
    • Supply Chain issues
    • And much more…

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