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Leadership/Sales/Customer Loyalty  Case Studies

Case 1: Cable Company

Challenges: Competition was a major threat, little to no accountability from employees and leaders, miscommunication among staff.

Action: Sales development process for sales representatives.

Result: 260% increase in closing rate, dramatic increase in customer retention, and increased wages for staff.

Case 2: Custom Printing Company

Challenges: The president wanted the staff to focus more on the customer, had production challenges, and jobs weren’t being completed on time.

Action: Customer Service development process for staff, Executive Leadership development process for the president, and Management development process for the production manager.

Result: Sales, productivity, liquidity, and profitability exceeded goals that were set for the year.

Case 3: Healthcare Organization

Challenges: Organization was seeking leadership development for their senior team to help with their poor communication.

Action: Used D.I.AL.O.G. (organizational evaluation instrument) to bring additional alignment to organization, Executive Leadership development process for senior team, and administered Attribute Index personal assessment tool to each participant to help with team building and collaboration.

Result: Communication improved, discovered who their high performers were and who was struggling, and shifted job responsibilities based on those facts.

Case 4: Stone Fabrication Organization

Challenges: The company had an inexperienced management team, growth was stagnant, and the company was in the red financially.

Action: Executive Leadership, Customer Service, and Sales development processes for staff.

Result: The company has grown 400%, going from a $1M company to a $5M company.


Cycle Time Reduction Case Studies

Case 1: Public Sector Call Center  (TQI)

Challenges: Average call wait time was 15 minutes, dropped calls averaged 50%, and employee attendance was poor

Action: Implemented Cycle Time Reduction process with a supervisor and a cross-functional team of customer service representatives.

Result: They went from 30,000 calls handled per month to 85,000, 15 minute wait times went down to 45 second wait times, dropped calls disappeared, and employee attendance increased by five weeks per person per year.

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