About Us

The Conlon Group assists businesses to improve their bottom line immediately and into the future. Every business is unique.  Each business is a sum of all its parts working together to achieve results. Each business is comprised of individuals and processes with their own strengths and weaknesses. How well are the employees and processes of your organization working together to achieve the results for which you are striving?

We partner with our clients to help them determine where they want to go (what results they want to achieve) and how they are going to get there (the action plan to make that happen). The Conlon Group helps clients to develop and manage strategic, cultural, and structural changes within their organizations. By working together, we can provide personalized processes and support materials that help turn goals into reality. We help organizations align their plans, people, and systems to gain a competitive edge.

Process Improvement

Our hands-on Lean Six Sigma and Operational Excellence expertise helps you to re-engineer your business and execution processes to obtain the profit levels that support your version of success.  We utilize the Lean Six Sigma methodologies and best practices through kaizen events or full transformations.  

Our LEAN Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt certification programs are accredited through The Council for Six Sigma Certification. Those who participate in our programs will be given full opportunity to achieve certification as Lean Six Sigma practitioners. We will provide custom training programs.

Performance Management

Are you people your greatest assets?  Are your people fully engaged and performing to their potential? Are they meeting expectations?   If you answered “NO” to any of these questions The Conlon Group can help you change those answers to “YES” with our coaching, leadership development programs, personnel, and team assessments programs to improve performance.

Strategic Improvement

If you need to rethink the direction of your company, The Conlon Group will assist you in developing your vision of the future and picture of success with a simple, straightforward strategic planning process that develops no-nonsense strategies that get successfully implemented.